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Alva clock

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Thanks to its small size and clever design, the minimalistically beautiful Alva clock fits every corner of the home. The smooth mat surface of the playful clock reflects a shade of tender green, yellow or apricot. The same calm colors are echoed in the Aamu lamp of the Vieno collection.


Under the serene glass dome lies a completely silent clock mechanism. As the course of the clock’s hands never breaks silence at night, Alva is the perfect choice even for the lightest sleeper. Alva is a clock that allows you to forget the passing of time when the moment so requires.

Special price for the pale yellow Alvas! This color will not be in our collection in future.

Diameter: 138 mm

Height: 70 mm

Material: Mouth-blown glass [clockwork]

Delivery time at the moment 7-40 days depending on the color. Handmade in Finland.