Cork Care instructions


“The creation of something new starts with taking care of what is already here”

Just like any material, cork will appreciate love and care. Over time, your cork product will develop a beautiful natural patina. As time goes by, you may notice that your cork product has picked up some stains or for example some colour from your jeans.


Cork fabric is easy to clean by gently scrubbing it with a damp soft cloth and a bit of mild soap. Alternatively, you can use mild, natural baby wipes. After cleaning, allow your item to dry.

Maintenance & storing

Treating the cork fabric with leather cream will keep your product more supple and durable. Store the cork products in an airy, cool place protected from direct sunlight. Sunlight may fade the colour shade of natural cork material.


We sell replacement parts, such as spare strings for the Aarni backpack and provide repair services for our cork products. Read more below.

Letting go

At the end of the product’s life cycle, the cork material can continue to live in many forms. If you decide to let go of your item, we encourage you to consider selling it or re-using the material — it can be sewn into a purse, mouse pad or coaster. Just use your imagination!

Share your creative ideas to reuse, recycle and recreate cork items and tag us in social media @thinkers_and_makers and with hashtag #tandmlifecircle

We welcome your ideas and feedback

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