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 Katriina Nuutinen’s latest glass collection, Vieno (‘subtle’),pays homage to handicraft, individuality and innovative and ecological use of resources. The Vieno bottle cap was created in collaboration with Antrei Hartikainen, the winner of the 2018 Young Designer of the Year award, and its charm lies in the unique alliance of hand-carved wood and mouth-blown glass.

 The starting point of the Vieno collection is a blank that can be turned into five different products by cutting it in different places. In addition to creating a cohesive, elegant design for the collection, using the same blank also optimises the use of materials.

The gentle yet bold design of the Vieno collection convinces with its simplicity and polished details. The carefully selected shades echo the gentle colours of flowers and the cooling colour palette of an early autumn. Each product in the collection is a shining example of skilful Finnish handicraft.

Vieno glass collection
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  • Vieno vase

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    Vieno vaseVieno vase
  • OUTLET! Vieno vase

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    OUTLET! Vieno vaseOUTLET! Vieno vase