• "The Aarni backpack in natural cork with linen straps is the best purchase l've ever made: It's a handbag, backpack, design item, environmental act, durable, beautiful, practical and timeless all at once."  

  • "When Hely came out, I presumed the designer to gave 150 years experience, why? Because it is so simple, well proportioned an thought through. It will never go out of style.”

  • ” I have a priviledge to see Hely right after awakening! An apple of my eye!”

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Design with soul

Whether intense or delicate, bold or playful, her designs take a fraction of the Finnish soul and compress it into a piece that anyone can hold.

When it comes to ownership, the most sustainable choice is holding on to the things you already have.

However, if something is beyond repair and you need to replace it, then this can be done either by buying a second-hand product or something new that has been produced with people and the planet in mind.