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Hely jewel lamp

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The series is running out. Please send me an inquiry ( for price request, thank you.

"I am rather passionate about safeguarding the Finnish glassblowing tradition, a method that can be found on the UNESCO World Heritage List. 

Together with talented glassblowers, I work to utilise this age-old glass forming technique into exquisite products that will bring joy to their owners well into the future." Katriina 

Hely jewel lamp is made by Finnish glass blowers in Riihimäki, Finland.

Hely is a jewel of light. Formed by four colored glass balls with colors to enhance the harmony of the shapes. In Hely, the light bounces and replicates itself and the glass pieces. Creating a light full of atmosphere.

  • Made only 200 pieces unique, numbered and signed series.
  • Materials: Colored, mould blown glass, stainless steel, plastic
  • Size: Height: 850mm, Width: 450mm


"The most beautiful lamp I have ever seen!" Customer

 "When Hely came out, I presumed the designer to gave 150 years experience, why? Because it is so simple, well proportioned an thought through. It will never go out of style.” Customer

Produced by Swedish Klong. Handmade in Finland (glass) and Sweden (metal). 

We deliver ONLY to FINLAND. For OTHER COUNTRIES, Customers from abroad, please provide your orders at Inquiries katriina(at), thank you!