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  • With Juri handle you may get a nice clutch from Aavi bag.
  • You may hang the Aavi beauty bag from its loop and partly open it to get pieces from it.
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Aavi cork beauty bag

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Aavi beauty bag is a beautiful way of storing your favorite pieces of make-up and essentials. It can also be attached to the Aarni drawstringbag with Juri handle to get a pocket for smaller utensils like phone or lipstick.

Aavi works perfectly as a makeup bag and a toiletry bag. Unisex product for both women and men.

Cork is durable, environmentally friendly, light weight, and water repellent material. It is soft and pleasant to view as well. As flexible as leather and versatile as textile.

You may hang the Aavi beauty bag from its loop and partly open it to get pieces from it. You may use the Aavi bag as a clutch if you attach a Juri handle to it. With Juri it is easy to attach the Aavi to be as a pocket for Aarni drawstring bag.


"My Aavi clutch bag has been in use for several years and it is still in good shape. It is so beautiful that l also use it as a handbag in finer occasions!" - Woman, 35+, language teacher, Finland


  • Natural, vegan cork fabric
  • Zipper: recycled fabric, stainless steel
  • 100% VEGAN and cruelty free product
  • Cork harvested only from FSC-certified cork forests in Portugal
  • Lightweight


 Only medium size available at the moment! 

  • Small: Height: 15cm Width: 6cm Lenght: 21cm 
  • Medium: Height: 17cm Width: 6cm Lenght: 25 cm
  • Flatpack delivery

Care Instructions

“The creation of something new starts with taking care of what is already here”


Just like any material, cork will appreciate love and care. Over time, your cork product will develop a beautiful natural patina. As time goes by, you may notice that your cork product has picked up some stains or for example some colour from your jeans.



Cork fabric is easy to clean by gently scrubbing it with a damp soft cloth and a bit of mild soap. Alternatively, you can use mild, natural baby wipes. After cleaning, allow your item to dry.