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Aura big cork bag, black

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Aura bag

“ I am happy to have like-minded people around me with similar sustainable values. Also, we share many needs in our everyday life. Feedback from my customers supports me during the design process!” Katriina


Katriina designed the Aura bag with the help of many women to meet the needs of everyday life. From transporting and carrying, from work to family life and travel, together we considered what and how much do we carry. Where do we keep our wallet and phone usually? How do we keep the keys at hand and how could we have our sun- or reading glasses in a safe place inside our bag? Aura is 100% vegan handbag and it has handles just long enough to carry it on the shoulder and short enough for the bag not to reach the ground while carrying it in your hand.

Cork is durable, environmentally friendly, light weight and water repellent material. It is soft and pleasant to view as well. As flexible as leather and versatile as textile, 100% vegan. Aura ages with grace, which makes it a long lasting companion for your everyday life.

Aura has two pockets on the outside and two pockets inside. The outside pockets keep your sunglasses and tissues at hand. The smaller, open inside pocket stores your phone and the larger pocket with zipper closure keeps your wallet and other valuables safe.

While the hook and strap closure transforms your large open tote bag into a beautifully folded new shape, the hook will also hold your keys, so that you will never have to look for them! For this purpose we have designed Juri key holder.

  • Size: Height: 38cm Width: 30cm Length: 50cm
  • Materials: natural, vegan cork fabric, stainless steel metal parts
  • Flatpack delivery
  • 100% VEGAN and cruelty free product
  • Cork harvested only from FSC-certified cork forests in Portugal
  • Lightweight

The black cork fabric is vegetable dyed without harmful chemicals.

Delivery time at the moment is 5 days.


I carry my new Aura bag with joy and pride, because it is designed by Katriina. The model is timeless and classical, understated and beautiful. The material is new to me, but I'm excited about it and the values behind it. I find especially the multi-functional pockets great about the Aura bag,and I appreciate the practicality. The black colour sealed the deal for me.” - Woman, 50+


”After using the Aura bag in my everyday life, l have seen its value and understood the subtle design expertise behind it. The straps are sturdy and exactly the right length. It fit easily into my bicycle basket, transporting all my daily essentials and my shopping. And of course, it's beautiful as well!” - Customer ”Black lover”, 50+, Finland

We offer you repair service for our cork products. Please contact us for more information. orders(at)