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OUTLET! Vieno vase

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Second quality of these beauties have minor faults like bigger bubbles, scratches, color changes or other faults, otherwise the making process is the same.


The Vieno vase combines a silky smooth shape and the warm glow of glass. Its delicacy and strength reflect a dialogue of Scandinavian exoticism and traditional Finnish artisanship, which allows the modern to meet the ancient. 


In addition to being a décor object in its own right, the Vieno vase is the perfect basis for intricate flower arrangements as well as the most simple, individual flower. Its exceptional design teases both the expressionist and the functional, and allows its viewer to find and experience something novel and surprising day after day.


The wooden cap is not included. 

Diameter: 138 mm

Height: Bottle 228 mm

Material: Mouth-blown glass

 No returns allowed.