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T&M Tuokio cork trivet

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Ichigo ichie - Treasure each moment. Thinkers & Makers new home products encourage is to be present in the moment - whether it’s a cup of tea in meditative solitude or a meal shared with friends. Inspired by Japanese wabi-sabi aesthetics and life lessons from traditional tea ceremonies, Tovi and Tuokio trivets are designed for being present and enjoying the moment.

Thinkers & Makers serving trays present the raw beauty of Finnish and Portuguese wood. No glue, no coatings, no toxins or harmful substances is used in these products. Trivets are food safe and can be used to serve both hot pans and cold dishes.

2 sizes:  

small: 135 mm X 260 mm, height: 20 mm

big: 185 mm X 310 mm, height: 30 mm

Sizes may differ a bit since the nature of cork raw material. In the set you will get one of both size.

  • no finishing just natural cork as it grows 
  • no granulated cork - longer life - structure more durable and elastic
  • naturally vegan
  • food safe
  • for hot pans and cold dishes
  • no glue or coatings are used in production - no toxins or harmful substances
  • Available only in our own online store

Care instructions:

Wipe after use with damp cloth. Do not leave to soak water. If needed, hand wash with mild dish soap and dry with a dish towel. Leave it in an airy place to dry.


Our cork collection is made using the finest cork, harvested from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) -certified cork forests in Portugal, respecting the natural cycle of the cork oak trees.

A cork tree is harvested, not cut down. The cork oak tree can be stripped from its bark every 9-12 years. The harvesting process does not harm the tree; On the contrary, a harvested cork oak tree absorbs up to five times more CO2 – a greenhouse gas that causes climate change – than a non-harvested one. Harvested trees live longer, up to three centuries.

Cork oak trees in Portugal alone help offset 10 million tons of carbon every year.

This important source of livelihood in the rural areas is a profession for the patient. It takes at least 25 years for the first harvest – interlinking the environment with centuries and generations.

We value proper sources of information — all the statements are validated, and based on research results.