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Thinkers&Makers notebook covers, cork

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Cork notebook covers

Now you may create a personal sketchbook or notebook with papers that inspire you! Change the papers, keep the cover forever. In each notebook there is space for two sets of papers or a readymade booklet, spot for two pens or pencils and a side bar pocket for keeping smaller, loose notes. 

One set of circular economy papers is included with each cork leather notebook to get you started. You may buy more of these paper fillers from our online store. We sell them on set of three fillers.

Circular economy papers from local printing factory in Joensuu, Finland. Due to the processing of these papers light ghost images might be on some of the pages. Thickness of paper may vary (80-120g). Approximately 50 pages on one filler.

Available in two sizes:

Reporter, Height: 16,5 cm Length: 24cm

A5, Height: 22,5 cm, Length: 17,5cm 

Our sustainable notebook covers are handmade in Finland or Portugal. Papers included are waste material from local printing factory. 100% PETA approved vegan and cruelty free product. Cork harvested only from FSC-certified cork forests in Portugal

Delivery time at the moment 5 days.

”Even though I work daily with my laptop I sometimes enjoy making notes and drawings on blank paper. I’ve been using the Thinkers & Makers cork notebook covers for a while now, and I admire the creativity and I could say even, the ecological innovation of them! The idea of keeping the covers and changing the paper fillers is amazing. Especially, when those papers are circular economy papers and they don’t go to waste - instead, they go to usage.

In addition, there’s a little spaces inside the covers for keeping my pencils within arm’s reach. Basically, I have everything I need, having also a good conscience for not to consume a new booklet after another. Thank you Thinkers & Makers for these creative notebook covers! 🧡” - Woman, student, 20+, Finland


"The Thinkers & Makers notebook covers are the perfect cure for my fear of blank pages - l don't need to put down a perfect sentence or the perfect sketch. As pages can be easily removed and added to the notebook, l can write my shopping list on one page and carefully worded life wisdom on the other! I used to have many half-filled notebooks around, now l just have this one." - Woman, 40, Finland